Sound is shaped by the space where it originates. Conversely, space can be "heard", reconstructed from the original sound event.

Soundscapes unfold along a time axis, they are dynamic spaces, they have a Momentum.

Resonances between sound events that are separated by space and time point to the narrative structure of life.

The narration of life can be experienced in Auditorium Mundi, the "auditorium of the world".

Sound horizons


Each momentum-sequence is composed of a series of soundscapes stemming from different cultural backgrounds, paralleled by a montage of images that do not constitute illustrations but rather visual variations or counter points.
The various recorded sounds constitute the basis of an expanding global soundscape archive.


Sound phenomena springing from different momentum sequences are rearranged in a dramaturgic perspective, thus forming an acoustic narration.
Each composition is embedded with a text representing one of all the possible interpretations of the narrative elements "extracted" from the various soundscapes.


The acoustic tale continues as a video. It is the story of a traveller who "collects" the very special moments in the life of different people, interweaving them in a new narration.

headset In order to experience the depth and the dynamics of a soundscape, we advice the use of headphones.

Seismic parallels

"Seismic Parallels" is an independant online-project within the framework of "auditorium mundi". Seismic data from different places in the world, that are highly threatened by earthquakes, are put in parallel to acoustic recordings from these cities and regions. Transpositions of seismic data onto the audible scale allow not only graphical but also acoustical comparisons. First example is the Bosporus metropolis Istanbul.


Sound chamber I

Permanent installations integrated into private or public collections, e.g. the sound chamber installed in the "North American Native Museum" (NONAM) in Zurich, an acoustic representation of Amerindian environments.

unesco The project "Sound chamber - Acoustic worlds of North American peoples" was recognized in 2010 by the Swiss UNESCO commission as a contribution to the year of bridging cultures.

Sound chamber II (in a preparatory state)

A network of permanent and temporary installations where the narrative structures developed in Sound horizons find their expression in specific spaces and tangible architectures.


Theoretical texts and dossiers arising parallel to "auditorium mundi".
Parts of these projects could later be integrated into the structure of "auditorium mundi" and thus extend the global project.