Interesting Links

Radio documentary from Harald Brandt

Das Spiel der Frösche mit dem Drachen - Eine Lange Nacht über Erdbeben

Reise in den Zwischenraum - Mit den Kataphilen durch den Pariser Untergrund

Mein Haus auf dem Pulverturm - Der Freistaat Christiania wird legalisiert


The french singer and poetess Marianne Colombier

Harp player and music journalist Tom Daun

Acadian song writer and composer Marie-Jo Therio

Canadian sound artist Chantal Dumas

Actress and singer Valery Tscheplanowa

Saxophon player and sailor Rainer Heute

Grand old lady of theatre costumes Genévieve Sevin-Döring

French costume maker Sara Veillon

Japanese writer Yoko Tawada

American professor for multicultural studies Marcia Pally

French-german audio artist Lynn Pook

Katherine Lyall-Watson's website about her uncle,
the naturalist Lyall Watson

French architect and sauna - specialist Antoine Castaigne

Acoustic Ecology

Institute for acoustic ecology in Santa Fe, New Mexico

European soundscape research

Handbook for acoustic ecology

Soundscape Forum ( FKL )

Isolated and sometimes manipulated sounds

The ear to the earth

Psychoacoustics and noise effects at TU Berlin

Acoustical Society of America ( ASA )

World Soundscape Project

Oceanic Worlds

Site for ocean lovers by Hugo Verlomme and Laurent Masurel

Marine science center in Portneuf-sur-mer, Quebec

Underwater acoustics

The US Sound Surveillance system ( SOSUS )

About Low frequency active sonar ( LFAS )

European Silent Ocean Campaign

Mingan island cetacean studies

The Nausicaa Aquarium in Boulogne-sur-Mer

Artistic projects, publishers and institutions

Audio guides of the special kind

European Soundscape project

Compositions of a word traveller

Center for modern music in Reims, France

Soundwalks in New York

Center for electroacoustic music in Marseilles

Underwater music by Michel Redolfi

Audio books by Christian and Waltraut Brückner

Audio travel guides

Institute for movement-based expressive arts, California

/ Goethe Center in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Imaginery soundscapes

The Australian Sound Design Project (ASDP)

Sound effect library and software tools

Independent production music library

Acoustic blog run by public radio SWR2 in Baden-Baden

Nature Sounds

Discover the sounds of nature

Collection and conservation of nature sounds

Global change

A platform for global initiatives

Foundation for cultural change

Visions for the future

Platform for a more balanced globalisation

French magazine for inner change


German society of wildlife photographers

Wildlife photographer Frans Lanting