Artistic overall concept

Harald Brandt

* Bremen 1958

Studies of philosophy at the University of Hamburg.
Theatre and dance lessons at the University of Provence, Aix-Marseille.
Diploma in "Recherches et Animations Théâtrales", superior level. Work as actor and director in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.
Since 1986 freelance author and director, working for both French and German public radio. Numerous reports and features realized in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.
2003 first concept for "Auditorium Mundi", 2006 first plans for the sound chamber in the "North America Native Museum", Zurich.

Ini Gerath

* Düsseldorf 1963

1984-89 Studies of drama, film and television theory,
as well as Germanic philology and philosophy at the J.W.Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main.
Before and parallel to these studies work as actress in film and theatre productions, as speaker on the radio.
Piano and vocal studies.
After 17 years of work as a director's assistant, then as permanent director and producer at the Opera House in Wiesbaden, she now works as a freelance producer and director in different theatres.
Regularly on tour as reader of her own texts.
Since 2000 lecturer for scenic instructions at the Wiesbaden Academy of Music.

Richard Schuckmann

* Nürnberg 1952

Musician, physicist, constructor of recording studios.
1978 Foundation of WAV company in Wiesbaden.
Since 1997 Lecturer of acoustics and construction of studios, SAE, Frankfurt.
Planning and sound installation of conference centres, multimedia chambers and expositions.
Various installations in German museums, mixing of concerts and technical assistance during major events.
2008 Planning and installation of the sound chamber in the "Northamerica Native Museum", Zurich.

† Wiesbaden 2009

[ ]

Christian Calon

* Marseille 1950

Audio artist and Chronographic by nature, his projects take the form of sound art and audiovision works in which models of reality hold a central position.
Through audio-visual essays his recent works explore issues with an anthropological perspective.
Radio as an acoustical art, is the field of experimentation for another body of works where narrative forms are developed through writing and the staging of sound simulacra.
In parallel he takes part in the live audio-improvisation collective Theresa Transistor.
A freelance artist, he is based in Montreal. [ ]

Audio composition

Karl Heinz Stevens

* Bocholt 1946

Studies at the Robert Schumann University of Music in Düsseldorf and at the Technical University, Düsseldorf;
certified engineer (sound and image).
1974-2011 Work as sound engineer at Deutschlandfunk, Cologne. Fields: symphony, opera, contemporary music, chamber music, jazz, features, radio-plays.
Since 2011 work in his own post-production-studio.
Productions for German TV; CD-productions, soundscapes.

Elisabeth Hartmann

* Bad Kreuznach 1945

Training sessions to become a speaker on the radio with Prof. Wilhelm Pitsch (State Music School Saarbrücken).
Studies of pedagogics at the University of Cologne; certified pedagogue.
Training in client centered conversation at the GWG Cologne.
1967 - 77 freelance speaker on radio and TV; moderator and author at: ARD, Deutschlandradio, Deutsche Welle, Swiss Rundfunk Gesellschaft, independent film and TV-studios.
1977 - 2010 Permanently employed speaker, moderator within the ensemble of speakers of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk.
Since 2000 Trainer for presentations in front of the microphone.
Since 2010 freelance speaker, moderator and author working for the ARD and independent film and TV-studios.

Video composition

Claire Almayrac

* Paris 1967

1988 - Communication & Language Sciences Master - University of Aix-en-Provence.
1989 - Film and Radio Direction diploma - INA (National Broadcast Institute - Paris).
1990 to 1995 – author and director of creative documentaries for french public radio.
Since 1993 - freelance author and director (documentaries, reports, corporates, video clips…).
Some titles : "Pablo Neruda, from poetry to fight", "Patagonia: a forgotten world ", "Colombia, the end for FARC ?", "Post@l experience", "Local working".
Since 2008 - works with her own team, in an independant film makers company.


Matthias Fiedler

* Chemnitz 1971

1995 Master studies at technical college in Dresden.
1996 Stay in Khumbu-Himalaja, Nepal.
1996 - 1998 Hotel "King Solomon" (5 stars) in Elat / Israel.
After that work as patissier on board of the cruise ships MS Deutschland and MS Europa.
1998 - Mitte 2001 Collaboration at the reopening of the german restaurant "Bayerischer Hof" and the hotel "Days Inn" ( 4 stars ) in Ammann, Jordan.
2002 - 2003 Business management studies at the academy for Hotel Management in Koblenz, Germany. Since 2001 employee at the Grand Hotel "Nassauer Hof" in Wiesbaden (Bar and Service, Accounting and Purchasing department as well as F&B-Controlling).
Voluntary work for the German Alps Society (DAV), responsible for "Madlenerhouse" and "Wiesbadener Refuge" (both located in Silvretta, Austria).
Self-studies of different programming languages and first website projects.


Nicolaus Bornhorn

* Dinklage 1950

Studies of mathematics, film theory, psychology and sociology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, at Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio and at the University of Hamburg.
Stay of long standing in France (Aix-en-Provence, Marseille). Work as interpreter an oil carriers, bee-keeper, teacher.
Publications at Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfort ("Amerika oder Der Frühling der Dinge"/"America or The Spring of Things"; "Der Film der Wirklichkeit"/"The Film of Reality"), at Bollmann Verlag, Mannheim ("Eine Liebe zu Frankreich"/"A Love of France").
Translations from English and French into German, among others: Lawrence Durrell, Adrienne Monnier, George Steiner.
Since 2002 Photographic expositions in Marseille, Düsseldorf, Bad Zwischenahn and Wilhelmshaven.