Black Pendulum Stomp


The storm has come quite abruptly. The pontoons on which the pilot boats are moored, rise and fall to the rhythm of the waves. During the 16th and 17th century, Basque whalers landed  their prey here.<br/>Anse aux Basques, Lawrence River, Quebec. September l999.<br/><br/>01:08 min A small mountain village on the way to Mount Everest. A group of sherpas has gathered inside a tea-house, drinking rice-beer. The porters have received their wages - on market day.The Ambiance is relaxing and after a while the sherpas and their wives start dancing.<br/>Mount Everest Treck, Nepal. November 1979.<br/><br/>02:08 min Hundreds of bats are hanging from the grotto`s ceiling that is fading into the inner mountain. At the bottom you can see the riverbed that fills with water in the rainy season.<br/>Ankarana, the "territory of sharp stones", Madagascar. October 2000.<br/><br/>01:34 min Only a few passers-by and some solitary cars in the Tietgensgade behind the Tivoli amusement park. Whenever a Sit-Down Coaster rushes across the roller coaster`s twisted lanes screams of juvenile visitors can be heard.<br/>Tivoli, Copenhagen. June 2007.<br/><br/>01:31 min Houses where disabled persons live can be recognized by red cloth covering the balcony's railing. Here the procession stops and the priest goes inside in order to celebrate Lord`s Supper with the sick. The procession`s long file is winding its way around several street corners.<br/>Calle Jesus del Grand Poder, Sevilla, June 2008.<br/><br/>02:49 min A small island with summer residences and brightly painted fishermen`s houses off  the Swedish west coast. Sailing boats and coastal motorboats are on their way inside the Kattegatt. Larger waves flood the shallow grooves in between the cliffs and the water moves in unison with the breakers` rhythm.<br/>Astol,  Southern Sweden. July 2010.<br/><br/>01:39 min The strong Mistral, this northerly wind blowing through the Rhone Valley has sunk temperatures. Fishmongers and greengrocers spending the whole day behind their stalls are wearing winter pullovers. Every day the market place between the Canebiere and the underground station Noailles is full of people. The city`s heart is beating here.<br/>Marche des Capucins, Marseille. June 2013.<br/><br/>01:43 min Lunchtime in Chelsea, the waitresses are toiling to squeeze their way through the crowded tables, but they do their job quickly and professionally. On the walls hang mirrors, photographs and a historic map of Paris.<br/>Le Grainne Cafe, New York, corner 9th Avenue W21st Street. February 2011.<br/><br/>01:50 min On national holiday the steep streets of the old fortress city high above the Mesopotamian plain are decorated with Turkish flags and pennants. The knife-grinder`s daughter is visiting her father in his boutique inside the Suk. Due to the festivities he has less work to do.<br/>Mardin, Eastern Turkey. October 2009.<br/><br/>01:42 min The old music-school on Rashid Bebhudov Street is located  between the station and the waterfront on the Caspian See. The parquet floor is worn out, the doors squeak but classes are still well attended.<br/>Baku, Azerbaijan. June 2005.<br/><br/>0:56 min The houses of the Anasazi who had populated the canyon up to the 14th century, have been built directly below the rock overhangs. Today there are Navajos who practice agriculture and animal husbandry at the bottom of the canyon. The echo was formerly used as a means to send alerts from attackers through the whole canyon.<br/>Canyon de Chelley, Navajo Nation. Arizona.<br/>October 2009.<br/><br/>0:28 min People are rushing across the esplanade towards the station, an Indian woman is talking to her boyfriend on the phone, news vendors are hawking the evening paper. Cutting across from The Strand police sirens can be heard.<br/>Sharing Cross Station, London. August 2004.<br/><br/>01:26 min Early morning at the Lawrence River, fog has not yet cleared completely, an invisible vessel is sailing upstream towards Quebec City and Montreal. Early trucks are on their way on the coastal road, a freight train can he heard in the distance.<br/>Baie Saint-Paul, Quebec. September 1999.<br/><br/>02:35 min


06:30 min